Thank you for all of your support!
Thank you.

Sound Off

Marc was terrific to work with on a large order for a grad party. Highly recommend both for the quality of the products and the great customer service!
Amy H. - Retail Customer

Before Nom Nom, popcorn was just popcorn. I never imagined anyone could do anything to it to make it the best snack ever. Then I tried it at the HOF balloon fest one year. Life changing! Then I’d wait for your pop-up tent across from Target at Christmas. Finally the store opened! Popcorn heaven. We love the dog pupcakes too. And I see you involved with fundraisers for lots of organizations, including Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, and that’s where my Murphy came from. So if I could give you more than 5 stars I would.
Amy Smith - Retail Customer

I just received an order I placed through mercys door fundraiser. I ordered the sweet caramel and cheddar cheese. Now I have had popcorn before but this seriously blows everything Ive ever had away. My first bite of each was so fresh and delicious. I can tell care and time was taken to prepare this especially for me and packaged as to not have anything happen during shipment. I am very impressed with your company and I cannot wait to try more flavors. The flavor and taste of just these two are outstanding!!!
Jennifer M - Mercy's Door

We got married on Saturday and not only had your cupcakes but the popcorn as well. Both were a hit!! When my husband and I went table to table to thank the guests for coming the 1st thing I was asked was if there was more popcorn (the bar was a hit and we went through 15 gallons in less than hour) and the 2nd was if they could have to go boxes for more cupcakes (most of them already had tried 2 or 3) the customer service was more than outstanding! We have never went somewhere where we felt more part of the family. Everything was flawless and the set up was gorgeous. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I couldn't have asked for a better bakery!
Courtney H - Wedding Customer

We purchased popcorn here for our 9.9.17 wedding. We provided a popcorn bar at the wedding and it was a HUGE hit. We picked out five different flavors (each was 5 gallons worth of popcorn) and there was not one single piece of popcorn left. Groom and I didn't even get to enjoy any .... that's okay though because we are frequent customers at the store! The ladies who help us there are extremely friendly. Your popcorn is delicious and my guests definitely agreed!!
Lindsie Nicole - Wedding Customer

Customer service was THE BEST!
Deanna - Retail Store Customer - Belden

My fiance and I love your popcorn. We love the service from Mindy even more! She turns us on to a different flavor blend each time we visit. Great popcorn great service!!
Charity D - Hartville Customer

First time I. Stopped in and won't be my last. One word describes everything.......FANTASTIC !!!!!
Sandra B. - Retail Store Customer

I just wanted to say thank you so much for how awesome and absolutely delicious our cupcakes, cutting cake and popcorn was at our wedding on Saturday. The display looked awesome, thank you so much for utilizing all our random cake stands and dessert stands we have accumulated! You could tell everyone enjoyed the goodies because we only had a few left over cupcakes and some of the cotton candy flavored popcorn left, everything else was gone! I'm sure we'll make a trip to Nom Nom around our anniversary for years to come to indulge in the flavors of our wedding! Thanks again, and sorry we didn't catch you before you left to give you some tip $$$ for all your hard work that day! My wedding coordinator just missed you! Hope the Nom Nom continues to make wedding goodies for years to come, and hope you guys get some more business from all the references we gave out that day!
Colleen - Wedding Customer

Fabulous cupcakes! My daughter wanted them for her grad party and they were a big hit!
Michelle M. - Retail Store Customer

Very highly recommended. Excellent customer service. Mindy took good care of my coworker and I! Plenty to try, great for businesses.
Retail Customer -

On a related note - thanks for the popcorn! You weren't kidding, it's freaking amazing. I had to pull Alexandra off the tin. I'm going to have to pace myself with that stuff. It really is the best I've ever had ... and I have had Garrett's!!
Retail Customer -

Another great Nom Nom experience!! Thanks for letting us try some new flavors!! They're on our favorites list now!!
Stephanie S - Retail Store Customer

Just ate a 3rd of a bag of Carolina Reaper Popcorn in under 3 minutes... I'm lit up! but it's a good LIT UP! Excellent Work! Have a groovy eve! peace & blessings ~ d p.s Thanks Josh for turning me on!
David McDougald - Retail Store Customer

Is there a word better than 'delicious'?
Anonymous - Wedding Consutation - Belden Location

So again Nom Nom came to my place of employment and unfortunately I wasn't there but my boyfriend bought some instead. He got blueberry pie and jalapeno nacho extreme popcorn. Let me tell you what! It's amazing stuff! I took it camping with me and I shared with everyone that would have some and they said it was some of the best popcorn they tasted! Gotta get some guys!
Katie K - Food Truck Customer

This was the first time I have been into your business. The employees there did a fantastic job of explaining all the different flavors and answered any and all questions that I had. I would definitely come back again for the excellent popcorn and great customer experience!
Rachel G. - Retail Store Customer

Customer Service, Environment, Other, Quality, Wait Time Great product, friendly customer service, fun Police fundraiser!! We keep coming back!! Thanks Nom Nom, The Snee Family :)
Snee Family - Retail Store Customer

Wait time somewhat long 1 person in the store but the wait was worth it the popcorn is delicious!
Retail Customer - Vicky W

When my husband saw the surprise bag I brought home he said WOW, WOW, WOW! Perked up his day and mine. Thanks Nom Nom
Retail Customer - Barbara W

Outstanding service and selection!
Anonymous - Retail Store Customer

LOVE your product!
Anonymous - Event Customer

Omg... the stuffed french toast cupcake from Nom Nom Cupcake Factory, formerly Caroline's Cupcakes might officially be my new favorite!! The S'mores one was really good too, but this one... oh this one... I highly recommend it!
Ashley - Retail Store Customer

Everything about this company is exceptional. So glad I found them for my PFHOF event!!
Anonymous - Retail Store Customer

I recently stopped in to your Nom Nom location on Everhard Road. At first I was disappointed when I realized that the location was no longer home to the Caroline's Cupcakes that I had grown to adore, but oh my goodness was I impressed! Never in a million years would I have thought that such variety of popcorn flavors could ever exist, not to mention the scrumptious cupcakes resting in the show case like sleeping angels (I was pretty hungry when I stopped in). So I must say, thank you for bringing such a unique and fabulous market to the Canton area. I have been in Wooster for the last few years, so I had no idea that your presence had taken the town by storm!
Mary S - Retail Store Customer

I think they put crack in that stuff!! It's so yummy and addicting! I wish there was one closer to us, I've yet to taste a flavor I don't love.
Anonymous - Retail Store Customer

Had so much fun with the staff at NomNom!! Tried many unique flavors of popcorn, and of course had a cupcake!! If you're traveling to the area for work, stop in!!
Kara R - Retail Store Customer

Great cupcakes, great popcorn, fun staff. A nice treasure found during a business trip.
Paul M - Retail Store Customer

We came in today for the first time and will definitely be back! Employees are so helpful and friendly. They went out of their way to be kind to my 4 year old and she left feeling so special. I may now be addicted to the Buffalo Ranch popcorn...ridiculous good!
Jennifer H. - Retail Store Customer

This is my second visit, and everything I've tried is amazing. The customer service was outstanding both visits as well.
Anonymous - Retail Store Customer

Both products, cupcakes and popcorn, were to die for! Super flavorful and unique.
Anonymous - Retail Store Customer

You're awesome
Mary M - Retail Store Customer

Always loved your cupcakes but had not tried the popcorn. Received some bags for a Christmas gift and you now have me hooked on this also. Carmel dark chocolate and sea salt... Yum!!
Cheryl L - Customer for Life

I had the most fun visit to your Wales Ave. (SR 241), today. Mind-numbingly busy getting Christmas orders filled for expedited shipping yet so open, kind and helpful to me....thank you, Ashley. (and thanks for making sure I received all of the bonuses I didn't even know I had coming.)
Nom Nom Popcorn Customer - Retail Store

the young man who waited on me was very patient and courteous.Said he usually worked in the back but was helping out in the front today. Great customer service. and he was kind enough to take my cans to the car. Will back for my refills!
Nom Nom Popcorn Customer - Retail Store

Very courteous and friendly. Very accommodating with different samples. A great customer experience.
Nom Nom Popcorn Customer - Retail Store

Your employees are the best in the area. Always pleasant and knowledgeable.
Nom Nom Popcorn Customer - Retail Store

Just want to say I am so impressed with the service! I asked for a fundraising order earlier than it was being delivered and they turned it around very quickly for us! Thank You!
Megan R. - Fundraiser

Great family business! Bettered only by their delectable popcorn. Everything was tasty and fresh. Best time I ever had buying popcorn.
Nom Nom Popcorn Customer - Retail Store

Sandy - Tuff Tails Animal Rescue

I ordered popcorn for someone with a salt restricted diet. The "PopperMan" called me inquiring what oil I preferred and explained the difference/flavor. Truly appreciate the call. I purchase on a regular basis and will keep referred customers to the Wales store.
Nom Nom Popcorn Customer -

Soooooo happy I stumbled in today! The Staff took care of me in a knowledgeable, professional & friendly manner. I'm looking forward to my next visit :)
Nom Nom Popcorn Customer -

Alissa was such a sweetheart & was very knowledgeable about everything. The whole salon & I loved the cupcakes.
Food Truck Customer -

Thanks for making a long-distance order so easy! Your website was extremely helpful, and the crew member who worked with me over the phone was very friendly. We will be using your services in the future!
Cari S - Customer

Customer Service, Quality, Wait Time. Thank you thank you !!! For being willing to take care of my girl at college on her birthday !!! You guys rock !!!!
Nancy - Phone Order for Delivery

I wanted to say, it was well worth it. What a pleasure speaking with you Christi on the phone. You all went above and beyond for me.This was one birthday present worth the wait in gold. Since posting my thank you to you all on Facebook many of my friends have asked for your Website. I gladly passed it all. Best of wishes for your company. I will definitely be ordering again. Wishing you all a wonderful day.
Jeanette A. - My order

As always, yummy-hit-the-spot-indulgence! We took NOM birthday cake, salted caramel dark chocolate, and loaded bake potato flavors to the drive-in movie @ Magic City Drive-in. Addicting as ever, we loved munching on the flavors under the stars, watching Ice Age Collision Course. To make it even better, we had just completed our NOM punch card, earning us $10 off!! Thanks for your great service and fresh delicious gourmet treat. Someday, we hope to win the NOM window decal supply so we can have it even more often! Have a super summer!!
Nom Nom Popcorn Customer - Retail Store

The gentleman that waited on me was phenomenal! He was patient, energetic, and knowledgeable about the product.
Nom Nom Popcorn Customer - Retail Store

absolutely very pleased with the customer service I received. there was a computer program glitch that lost my order. Smiles contacted me, filled my order. received my order in less than 7 business days over a holiday weekend. I would definitely recommend NOM NOM to anyone and would order from them again. many thanks for the great service Hal
hal christiansen - mtr

Just wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU your way!!! I brought my program to your store today for a tour, they loved every minute!!! They were so excited that they actually got to help make some popcorn, and we're eager to break into their bags as soon as we left!! Thank you for offering such a wonderful way to spend our Fun Day!! Can't wait to come back and try some new flavors!!
Kimberly Chaney‎ - Retail Store

Thank you so much for the great tour! Our Girl Scout Troop 61020 loved our tour so much!
Ronda Barnett Zeneri - Boy Scouts

Very nice caring kind people helped us out
Nom Nom Popcorn Customer - Retail Store

Wonderful experience can't wait to bring my girl scout group in for a tour. Thanks again for all the info
Nom Nom Popcorn Customer - Retail Store

Delicious...So glad I found you! Can't wait to come back and try the popcorn!
Nom Nom Popcorn Customer - Retail Store

Can't believe I waited to drop in...we will be regulars
Nom Nom Popcorn Customer - Retail Store

Nom Nom Popcorn Customer - Retail Store

Great customer service.
Nom Nom Popcorn Customer - Retail Store

Everything was great! We had a fun time tasting the different kinds of popcorn! :)
Nom Nom Popcorn Customer - Retail Store

Love it! I bought 9 snack bags for movie night with the family - it was worth every cent
Nom Nom Popcorn Customer - Retail Store

I have tried many different kinds of nom nom popcorn. They are amazing tasting. Love twix, and m&m.
Charlotte Novotny - Customer

I finally ordered popcorn for myself! We bought the smores, twix, loaded baked potato, and pizza. They are all amazing! My almost 2 year old loves every flavor also. I will definitely be ordering again. I'm hooked!
Melanie - Tennessee

We have been very happy with our fundraiser, and everyone seems to love their popcorn! Thank you again so much for everything! We will definitely have another campaign soon!
Jenny - Virginia

My Chocolate Lab, Tulip, gave your popcorn 2 Paws Up!
John - New Castle, PA

I just ordered 4 different flavors for a friend. She loved them all. Marc answered questions very fast! Now to try and decide what flavors to order for myself! So hard to decide!
Melanie - Tennessee

Visited the retail store today, loved the free samples. Since I have a sweet tooth, the Toffee and the M&M Chocolate Flavored were my two favorites. All the different sizes available was impressive too. MmMmMmMm. Will be back
Lisa C. - Nom Nom Popcorn Believer!

Employees were so welcoming and helpful!
- Nom Nom Popcorn Believer!

Best people ever!
- Nom Nom Popcorn Enthusiast

Toffee Popcorn and the M&M Chocolate Popcorn is to die for! Loved the free sample. This is great for gatherings. MmMmMmMmMmMm. Employee working today was very kind and helpful. Also impressed with the assortment of serving sizes. I will definitely be back!
Lisa Crall - Popcorn Lover

Thanks for giving us a fantastic tour and experience the Girl Scouts had an amazing time!
- Girl Scouts

First of all OMG, this is the BEST popcorn I have ever had the pleasure of indulging in! Do you possibly have a nutrition info sheet on all of your flavors before I eat the whole bag?
Robin - Nom Nom Popcorn Believer!

Can't agree more Tina, It really is fantastic!
Brian U. - Nom Nom Popcorn Enthusiast

People, my cousin, Marc Albert, has a popcorn company called Nom Nom Popcorn. I just tried the Buffalo Ranch "Wing It". When I say this stuff is CRACK, I do not jest. You have to try it out: Completely worth the price (and maybe even those extra calories) me.
Tina M. - Nom Nom Popcorn Enthusiast

WOW! The popcorn arrived today and it is incredible! The peanut butter taste is big and bold and the chocolate pieces are perfect! You really know how to take care of your customers! And I can't believe you sent a bigger bag than the one I originally ordered. That was over the top wonderful. Now the hard part is not to eat the whole bag in one sitting! I want to thank you again for your great customer service. This is the kind of response that makes loyal customers and gets people talking about your company in a good way. You will never run out of customers!! Thanks again.
Marie -

I first tried Nom Nom's exclusive flavor at Quicken Loans Arena, and immediately fell in love! I was just at the retail store earlier this week, bought a huge tin of caramel, dark chocolate, and sea salt that's almost gone because my grandpa, mom, and I can't stop eating it! Nom Nom rules!
Kendra - None, just a Nom Nom popcorn lover :)

Just ordered quite a lot to support one of my favorite rescues! Two of my favorite things together! Popcorn and Golden Retrievers! Nice fundraiser considering the amount you give back to them! Also, love the chance to send some to military overseas! I'm sure I will order again! Thanks! Sandy
Sandy - As Good As Gold

Yum, caramel dark chocolate sea salt is my fav! See you soon!
Melissa O. - Nom Nom Popcorn Enthusiast

Best popcorn EVER
Amanda Jean - Nom Nom Popcorn Enthusiast

We had the opportunity to try some of the flavors and there it began! Sooooo good that we took bags of popcorn with us on vacation to share with friends and family. We also ordered the decorative tins with assorted flavors as Christmas gifts. Nom Nom Popcorn ROCKS!!!!!!!!
Phil - Michigan

I could eat the chocolate/sea salt all day, everyday. Very, very good! I gave it for neighborhood Christmas gifts. They loved it!
Wendy Mizarek - Just me

Had a GREAT trip to visit the new Nom Nom Popcorn Company store in Jackson this morning!!!! The new store is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Tons of flavors to choose from, and you can sample them!!! All popcorn is produced in house and is fresh!
Ashley F - Fraley Memory Productions

Great customer service! Had a little hiccup with my order. Got an immediate response and they made everything a ok! Will be buying again!
Jan T - Nom Nom Popcorn Enthusiast

Well, I have just placed another order. I am completely addicted to your popcorn, particularly the "Kiss and Tell." I ordered small bags of a few other varieties to try as well. I have tried other brands and even tried making my own parmesan garlic popcorn, but nothing compares. Your flavors are bold without being overwhelming, and the popcorn is very fresh. You must sift out the old maids too, because I almost never find any. Just wanted to say hi and let you know how much I love your popcorn!
Lisa N - Nom Nom Popcorn Enthusiast

Was a pleasure to meet you today Mark (hope it's spelled right) You have another satisfied customer I got the dark chocolate coconut thinking it would deter the kids from eating it but I was wrong. They still love it!!! Thank you again!!! Blessing to you and yours!
Mary - Nom Nom Popcorn Enthusiast

Just tried it for the first time ever. I got the "Loaded Baked Potato" with bacon and cheese. Wow!
Brenda S. - Nom Nom Popcorn Enthusiast

Just arrived!! Smells delicious. Will be ordering again! Great customer service!
Jan T - Nom Nom Popcorn Enthusiast

I received my popcorn order today. Smells and looks amazing. My boys are looking forward to Friday Movie and popcorn. They are going to try a trio mixing the cheese, caramel and butter popcorn together.
Linda - Connecticut

OMG!! You have been redeemed! The Butter Me Up is much better and flavored as it should be. But who would have thought that white cheddar and the choc would be so delightful? Excellent combination. I'll be ordering that one again. And then there is your #1 seller...caramel, dk. choc, sea salt. Well, I can see why it's #1. This one is dangerous (in a good way). Thank you again for making me a believer in Nom Nom Popcorn. Now, excuse me while I go grab a bowl. :-)
Karon S. -

The two people who helped me when above and beyond what was expected and required to help me!
Retail Store Customer -

Awesome and friendly service! And awesome popcorn!
Retail Store Customer -

Our new favorite creative & fun!! Our kids beg us to go! The popcorn makes such a nice gift too!
Retail Store Customer -

Super cute store ! Love the chalkboard walls and the bucket idea ! Cannot wait to try ice cream another time ! Thx for everything and patience with us trying flavors! Every employee was friendly and helpful!!
Retail Store Customer -

Hi. We had a great campaign! Everyone is looking forward to their popcorn. We will definitely do another campaign early next year!
Vicky - South Carolina

WOW! That was easy. Thank you so much. We will definitely do another campaign with Nom Nom.
Kerin - Illinois

Our campaign is getting ready to start. I have noticed that we have already sold $152 worth of popcorn and we haven't officially started. A couple of our volunteers had ordered because of their positive experience of ordering from you before.
Celia - New Jersey

I definitely think this is a do over event! Many of our fundraisers are a bust, but this one seemed to gain enthusiasm and I am sure that enthusiasm will resurface when people get their yummy popcorn!
Hildi - Kentucky

We have just concluded our fundraiser and we are very happy with the outcome of it. Everyone seems very pleased with all their orders, lots of repeats and serious popcorn lovers. I saw a few orders that came through that were almost $300 worth of popcorn. Amazing!
Linda - Florida

We will certainly be partnering with Nom Nom Popcorn again!
Juanita - Texas

I just received my popcorn order which i ordered through Life's Little Paws Rescue. Your popcorn is the best ever, got home from work, opened the bags, and am totally addicted. Will definitely be ordering more. So good. Open a store in central new jersey. Thanks
Paulette M. - Life's Little Paws Rescue

I wanted to thank you again for partnering with us! I am now addicted to the Parmesan garlic popcorn! I have begun dreaming about it!
Michele - Focus on Ferals

I just want you to know I made a purchase just to support my rescue NEBTR......... I have to say your product is sooooooooooooo good and I enjoyed it very much. I will probably be a returning customer for sure!
Janet E - NEBTR

Everyone raves about this popcorn that I have to send it out of state! Thanks for all you do!
Elizabeth - Nom Nom Popcorn Enthusiast

My package arrived today, but you probably already heard my screams of joy coming from Columbus. THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Diana - Nom Nom Popcorn Enthusiast

Wow! You guys really have everything put together so well! And make it so easy - I can't wait to order some of these flavors for myself - there are so many to choose from - Have a great Memorial Weekend and thanks so much for all your help! I am very excited to start the campaign!!
- New Jersey Fundraiser

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