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Sir Noms-A-Lot's Story

The Nom Bear Family had always been known for their incredible appetites. In fact, their last name "Nom" came from the enthusiastic sound they made while enjoying food. This recognizable trait was passed from generation to generation. There was Strom Nom, Tom Nom, Dom Nom, and most recently, Nom Nom. He chewed so endlessly and with such joy that his mother saw fit to give him the same name twice! Every year after the temperature dove and did not bounce back, bears trudged to their winter caves for a mandatory three month nap. Nom Nom was was not a fan of this time. Although he tried to observe the sleepy
tradition, his tummy would not let him rest. He pouted as he gathered food for his cave. Fruits, cheeses, nuts, spices and honey balanced in his furry arms as he entered a vacant cave at the edge of Farmer Chet's property. Nom Nom set his provisions at the mouth of the cave and began a bonfire just inside. Unbeknownst to Nom Nom, Framer Chet had endured a tough year and he was left with way too much of his corn harvest. The farmer filled his silo to the brim and still had to store the rest of the corn in the cave. Nom Nom nearly jumped out of his fur when the heat from the
bonfire made the first kernel burst. It took a very noisy day and night for the popping to stop. With the unforgiving weather, not another bear or human was around to hear the commotion. The winder months passed and finally the bleary-eyed bears and people emerged from their hibernation. As they squinted out into the sunlight they saw a sign on the cave. "Nom Nom Popcorn" was scribbled across it. Nom Nom had not slept a wink all winter. He used all of his time and supplies to create delicious flavored popcorn. Fruity, spicy, cheesy, nutty and sugary = he had perfected them all!

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